Art Space - New Graduate Award 2012


Since 2008 Art Space Portsmouth has presented the GASP Graduate Award to one final year Fine Art student from the University of Portsmouth. The Award provides a solo exhibition in our GASP gallery in October 2012.

We are delighted to annouce that this year's recipient is Sarah Rowland who impressed the selectors with her hypnotic projection and professional presentation.

SARAH ROWLAND: Art Space Portsmouth Fine Art Graduate Award 2012 Winner


Prosthetic Paralysis - 2012
Video Projection on free-standing MDF screen, 122cm x 169cm


"My work is founded upon considerations of our contemporary affiliations with technology, and particularly those forms which grant us a unique and artificial objectivity to social situations and our personal engagement within those. Enabling detachment so that all output can be theoretically and directly observed and contemplated before entering into live scenario. This bestowed perspective permits a distance from primary contact and entices us to partake in measures of scrutiny and editing of self, whose roots can be identified within attitudes and practices within contemporary culture and popular media; however filtering down, into the everyday and intricate fabric of our expression and conduct of self. This seemly empowerment from our physical boundaries and representation begins to elevate the role of such socially mediating technology to a means by which we can live a reality remedied of all its previously established flaws and imperfections. The machine starts to become necessary, and what was originally voluntary becomes mandatory in the sustenance of this synthetic fantasy, personally crafted and made real for us. The machine begins to take on the form of a prosthetic extension, completing the physical representation of this symbiotic yet parasitic co-dependency between user and technology. Portraying a closed and cyclical relationship, insular and isolated, continual and self-fulfilling, yet leading down to the inevitable eventuality of a fractured and fragmented self, devoid of traditional and natural capabilities of real, embodied, interpersonal connection."
Sarah Rowland, 2012

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