Art Space - International Residency Exhibition 2010


Art Space Portsmouth is pleased to host the 2010 exhibition for the International Residency Award 2010.

Josefina Posch - invitation    


Josefina Posch

The Logic of Basho: Here's Looking at You Kid

Reception: Friday 19th November 2010 - 6.30 pm - 8.30pm

at GASP - Gallery Art Space Portsmouth

Open to the Public: Saturday - Monday 20th - 22nd November 2010
12 - 4 pm or by appointment by calling 07815 516798

This sculptural installation is the result of Josefina Posch's three month residency and encompasses life-size figurative sculptures and a web based live video streaming projection. The figures are made up of body-castings taken of a multitude of persons in direct proportion to the percentage of ethnicity and age groups living in the city of Portsmouth. The interest and participation from the public has been vast and both minority ethnical and older age groups participated in the project as volunteers by having one of their body parts cast.

Her starting point for the project is the techniques of the old renaissance masters Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo's usage of several different models in order to create one ideal figure. With the Vertruvian man Da Vinci illustrated his ideas of the ideal human (proportions), which he saw as a "cosmografia del minor mondo" (cosmography of the microcosm) believing the workings of the human body to be an analogy for the workings of the universe.

In addition to the installation of the sculptures there will be a live video streamed projection utilizing a custom made peer to peer broadcasting web technology within Flash 10. The projection is made up of three interchanging web cameras that are editing live footage of the sculptures to the dialog soundtrack Posch has created based upon the American Motion Pictures associations top twenty Romantic films of all times.

The exhibition will be on view at GASP (Gallery Art Space Portsmouth) from Nov 19th- 22nd with live streaming of the video to Hanare projects Gallery in Kyoto, Japan on the preview day. The sculptures of the "average Portsmouth" inhabitant will then be shipped to Lund, Sweden and exhibited at Gallery Pictura from Dec 9th - Jan 15th . From the exhibition in Sweden the live footage will be streamed back to Portsmouth and shown at Aspex Gallery on Dec 9th to coincide with the organizations Christmas party, thus bringing back the inhabitants of the city.

Josefina Posch's project deals with the urgent and current issues of multi ethnicity, immigration and wishes to generate dialogue on these issues by encouraging community involvement. Her residency project further explores one's relationship and interaction in person compared to the internet and raises questions of how artwork is viewed, experienced and engaged with in real life as opposed to on the web. 

Kitaro Nishida's logic of basho (Japanese usually translated as "place" or "topos"), a non-dualistic 'concrete' logic, meant to overcome the inadequacy of the subject-object distinction essential to the subject logic of Aristotle and the predicate logic of Kant, through the affirmation of what he calls the 'absolutely contradictory self-identity', a dynamic tension of opposites that, unlike the dialectical logic of Hegel, does not resolve in a synthesis, but rather defines its proper subject by maintaining the tension between affirmation and negation as opposite poles or perspectives.


You can follow Josefina's residency experience on her blog here.



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