Ginny Topp

My work is led by the process and use of materials where the physical activity of making and experiencing the material is fundamental to my practice and central to the way I work. Experimentation leads to the creation of new work which requires continual reflection and critical evaluation of what is produced. This methodology inevitably leads to rejection of some processes and experiments but can also indicate alternatives contributing to inventive methods of production and the facture of unique and exciting works.

My chosen material was clay and what fascinated me was the physical processes used in ceramics which I used in a non-conventional way hijacking the making processes and techniques to produce innovative work. The traditional thrown vessel form was taken and deconstructed stripping away any notion of functionality.

I am fortunate to be the recent recipient of the ASP Graduate Residency Award which includes use of a wonderful studio for 6 months, mentoring sessions and a years membership of ASP.

My residency at art Space Portsmouth has given me the opportunity to investigate oil paints, a medium I have never used before. As with clay I am attempting to discover what paint can do and work experimentally.

Who knows where this will lead me-the destination is unknown and unimportant. For the moment I am enjoying experimenting!

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