Goya Torres

"Blending her Mexican heritage with elements of street-art and the fine arts, Goya Torres is one of the most exciting artists currently working out of Australia." -  The8Percent.com (2016)

Goya Torres is a visual/street-artist originally born in Mexico. Her practice moves towards blurring the separation line between fine arts, street-art and illustration in order to develop a visual contemporary language that encapsulates reality nowadays.

Strongly influenced by Brett Whiteley, Francis Bacon and David Alfaro Siqueiros figurative work, her expression travels through painting, public art, mural work and printmaking. Drawing is the skeleton of her work, which leads into the refined experience developed by painting and printing, and finally flourishes reinforced by content and story-telling. This results in a comprehensive body of work that touches strong points of self-consciousness in the maker and the viewer, empowering the viewer to create their own story reflected in the artwork, assimilate it and become an active entity in the space and time that the artwork has brought it to. Always seeking the highest level of pure creation from her surroundings, Goya Torres responds to local and global quests with creation in order to relieve them, extract their deep attributes into a piece that empowers peoples spirit, communities and therefore life itself.

Goya Torres artistically draws inspiration from her Mexican heritage, traditions and culture, as well as nature, street art and pop surrealism. She predominately uses a mix traditional media such as oils, acrylics, spray-paint and printmaking techniques on canvas, paper and wood. She has also painted fibreglass sculptures for public art trails and murals for various street-art festivals internationally.

Goya Torres has been involved in group exhibitions, live-painting events, mural and public art projects in Australia, Mexico, Latino-america, USA, United Kingdom and Europe. Some of her artwork is now part of private collections in Sydney, Melbourne and Mexico.

In the past, she participated in the Wild! Rhino project organized by Taronga Zoo where she painted a life size rhino sculpture in order to raise awareness about the rhino extinction which was exhibited in Manly Corso and then auctioned for $10,000 AUS with all earnings going towards saving the rhino from extinction in Africa.

Latest projects this year include her participation in the Street-Art Festivals: Meeting of Styles in Pristina Kosovo and Gran Canaria Spain, and the first Beeston Street-Art Festival in Nottinghamshire UK.

Upcoming projects include her participation in the Street-Art Festivals Urban Giants in Milan Italy, UPFEST in Bristol UK, White Cross Street-Art party in London UK organised by Curious Duke Gallery and Meeting of Styles in Budapest Hungary; as well as a mural and judge for the yearly Street-Art Festival Exhibition at Surface Gallery in Nottingham.

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