Jane Kilford

I am currently exploring the fragile and temporal qualities contained within the memory of certain materials and objects. I like to collect and re-use items that are discarded and seen of little value or merit. These items are usually collected on a particular or significant site or experience and held until an appropriate use is found. Paper, wire , ephemera and discarded scraps of ironmongery and haberdashery are the items I like to store.

The methods I employ are low tech, hand manipulated and skillfully executed and it is the touch and sense of the materials that I like to explore and exploit. Binding and nailing these objects together gives them a substance and core which is both tragic and flawed. Other pieces are playful and light and it is the human condition that is played out in the process and eventual presentation of the work.

Observation, interaction and drawing are central to my practice and I enjoy new experiences and challenges.

Projects include the development of an urban garden on the west side of the ArtSpace building and various participatory events exploring communication and self expression through manifestos and selected text.

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