maggie Cochran

I am lucky enough to live and work by the sea, a constant source of inspiration.

I am essentially a landscape painter who likes to work in a slightly abstracted fashion while still retaining a sense of place. Capturing light and a sense of the fragility and transience of our natural landscape is important to me.

I am particularly inspired by the west coast of Cornwall which seems to imbue my work with a rawness that I don’t achieve anywhere else, although I do enjoy painting my local Solent coast as well.

I have come to realise that for me painting is all about capturing the moment, the light and the feeling of being by the sea – a place that always makes me feel alive.

Painting for me is a way to record how I felt sitting on a Cornish beach on a stormy day, watching the waves crash, listening to the sounds around me, catching the light reflecting off the wet sands and the distant headlands.  It forces me to really look and to absorb the memory.  My paintings are about the experience of being in that landscape.


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