Art Space - Group Exhibition Archive

    ENGLAND EXPECTS - 2005 - 6
Portsmouth Museum and Records Office
In acknowledgement of the anniversary of the Battle Trafalgar Art Space gave a contemporary response to the Battle by exhibiting Paintings-Textiles, Installations and performance Art.
    Cork Street Gallery London - November 2005
Portsmouth Dockyard
    FRESH ART 2001 and 2002
Islington Design Centre
The impulse here was give the artist the opportunity to exhibit their work in London and in a commercial situation and also to be exposed the group to a wider audience. 40 thousand people passed throw the Fresh Art doors.
    KEY WORKS - 2001
Portsmouth City Museum
    FULL CIRCLE - 1999
Round Tower Old Portsmouth As part of As I see It.
Art Space created a site specific exhibition responding to the Round Tower and the entrance to Portsmouth harbour.
 Tobin Thomson   inc Print - Oct - Dec 1999
Aspex Gallery
Curated and selected by artist Andy Mansfield.
Arts Space artists were invited to produce work which developed or extended their own practice into print media. The exhibition brief, to include a range of approaches to print led the selection process. The artists selected were then encouraged to create new work that considered the space allocated to them, within the framework of the show. inc print takes the visitor on a journey, making connections between the real world and that of the gallery. Asking the viewer to re-evaluate the role of printmaking in the everyday. This work forms part of Portsmouth City Council's art collection and can be found in the Guildhall, Portsmouth. AWARDS for ALL - National Lottery gave their support to this project. The grant enabled Art Space to purchase a small quantity of archival presentation boxes in which to house the inc print work.
Art Space donated a boxed set of work to Portsmouth City Council, Hampshire County Council and Southern Arts. Art Space retained a Boxed Set for our archives.
    CAEN FRANCE - Revisited
Arts Space members exhibit work in a Gallery space provided by Caen Arts Council. The exhibition showcased new works by each artist. The group also exhibited and sold a number of mounted works in a market square outside the gallery. Following on from this Art Space invited the Caen artist to be part of our Open Studios weekend at Mile End Chapel, Portsmouth, the group accepted.
David Leefe Kendon and Neil Taylor   SHIFT - 1998
Behind the current prominence on visual arts of concept and content - an emphasis on art as idea - there seems to be something new in the air. The project was a genuine collaboration between Art Space and Aspex Gallery. Like all good collaborations it has mutated under constraint and intense debate to reflect the current concerns of artists and curators alike.
Curated by Michael Kenny RA.
    SEE RED - 1998
Square Tower, Old Portsmouth
A celebration in Red created for Summer Arts across Portsmouth and Square Tower. The innovative and the traditional stand side by side responding to and challenging the red brick interior of a Tudor building.
    ON THE SEVENTH DAY - October 1998
Mile End Chapel Portsmouth
A series of 12 successive sole exhibitions by members of Art Space
The idea behind the concept, is to allow members in the group to familiarise themselves with the work of others.
John Mynott and Jenni Catlow   EXTENDING THE LINE - November 1997 
Aspex gallery
Drawings by members of Art Space. What is a Drawing? Is it the basis tool of observation that enables the artist to learn about the subject, experiment with different effects, lay the foundations of picture, sculpture or other work of art? Is it a mythical action that links the first human marks to drawings of Rembrandt or a Hockney? Or is drawing an overrated medium that has become outdated because artists want to go beyond the use of traditional medium and which has been superseded by new technology? Why is it still taught rigorously in some art departments and wholly rejected by others? These and many other issues will be highlighted in this exhibition which will demonstrate the range of drawing practised by the artists of Portsmouth. A vast range of techniques and styles were on show as well as drawings which go well beyond the traditional methods of Paul Klee's famous words, 'taking a line for a walk'. Meet the artists talks were held over the exhibition period.
Blink   BLINK - August 1997
As part of summers arts across Portsmouth Square Tower, Broad Street Old Portsmouth. Art Space artists produced work around the theme of 'BLINK', inclusions were installations, prints, textiles and sculptures.
    MINIATURES II - February 1997 
A touring exhibition designed to be put together in any space. The exhibition explored a way of bringing together a disparate group of artists in one show. As below.
Hampshire Sculpture Trust - Winchester 
    MINIATURES l - January 1997
Havant arts active Havant

A touring exhibition designed to be put together in any space. The exhibition explored a way of bringing together a disparate group of artists in one show. 45 artist exhibited their work in a Lilliputian scale.
    CAEN FRANCE - November
13 Art Space members exhibited their work in the Town Square. The exhibition showcased the work of Art Space members and helped to revitalize out International links.
Incidents   INCIDENTS - September - October 1996
Exhibition St Agatha's Church Portsmouth
An innovative collaboration between Art Space Portsmouth and Fabrica artists - Brighton. The artists responded to the challenging environment of the church with off the wall ideas ranging from architecture models, video installations and steel constructions which all related to the idea of the artists  space within a space.
    INCIDENTS - 1996
Fabrica Gallery Brighton
A site specific installation Created for St. Joseph's Church Brighton.  [ As above]
    BESIDE THE SEA - August 1996
Square Tower
An exhibition in a variety of media sharing a maritime theme. The exhibited works highlighted each artist's own particular expertise. The subtle stands next to the dramatic and the challenging and innovative to the more traditional. The exhibited works were specifically created for summers arts across Portsmouth' and Square Tower.
Joan Hopes and John Thomson   PORTSMOUTH TOMORROW- Art, Architecture and Urban Transformation - October 1995
Symposium, Exhibitions and Workshops
A City wide collaborative partnership. A short season of public conferences, exhibitions, art installations and projects, open studios, community initiatives, talks, workshops and video screenings. Art Space responded to this exciting and innovative project which a new relationship between the built environment and the work of artists and craftspeople will be explored. The outcome is intended to be a long-term strategy to improve the built environment of Portsmouth. 
    WISH YOU WERE HERE as part of AS I SEE IT - Jan / Feb 1995 Visual arts across Portsmouth
This communication project involved 16 Art Space artists who each produced a series of artworks in the postcards format the postcards were then sent to another artist somewhere in the world requesting the recipient to respond in the same way. We had 65 replies from thirteen countries.. One postcard was simply addressed to 'An artist' PORTSMOUTH USA. The American postal service found an artist who duly responded. The work was exhibited at Art Space Open Studios and then toured for 6 months to Havant Arts Gallery, City of Portsmouth Girls' School, Portsmouth High School, Midhurst Grammar School and Norwich Private School at each destination the students were encouraged to respond to the exhibition.
    BOXES - 1996
Mixed Exhibition Arts Space members were asked to respond to' What is a Box', Artist produced a wide range of weird and wonderful ideas in both 2 and 3 dimensional forms, wall and floor standing objects of virtue filled the gallery space. Aspex Gallery.
    DON'T STAND ON TRIFLES as part of AS I SEE IT - January 1995
Aspex Gallery
An exhibition of texts - that have influenced visual artists. The exhibition challenged the popular notion that visual artists accumulated their ideas from a source not known to the rest of us. Artists read widely and think deeply and yet because, on the one hand, they develop a personal visual vocabulary and, on the other, involve themselves in personal research and sometimes in radically new ideas [and old ones], they are deemed unfit to be taken seriously. The exhibition addresses this concept - through out eyes.
Geoff Catlow   DECADES - as part of Visual Art across Portsmouth - January 1995
Mountbatten Gallery, Portsmouth
From the Shock of the New, through Futurism and turbulence, the fashion conscious 20's, the engineering and design marvels of the 30's the world as a war zone in the 40's cold war and rock and roll in the 50's hedonism and revolution in the 60's the glittering veneers of the 70's to the disquieting 80's and the consumerism and disintegration of the 90's. DECADES' presents a dramatic visual experience of the 20th Century in the west in terms of art, design and media.
The project was an Art Space collaboration project - participants are The City of Portsmouth Girls' and Boys' Schools, St, Edmund's RC, King Richard and Mayfield School, The University of Portsmouth School of ART Design and Media [ Dept of Graphics\ and Arts Space Portsmouth.
    GATEWAY - 1994 
A Portsmouth in Europe project - City Arts a project embracing the European Community
CASCADES shopping centre

Arts space artist responded to the concept of Portsmouth in Europe. Some of the work was contentious and sparked emotions amongst the public. The exhibition included installations, sculpture, textiles, organic work and collage.  
    GATEWAY - October 1994
Portsmouth Museum and Records Office
Arts space artist were invited by City Arts to submit ideas for a food as part of Portsmouth Tomorrow launch. Two artists were selected. They created a edible sculpture which embraced the flags of all the nations attending the Gateway project.
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