Adrian Mundy

Mundy uses his practice as therapy to aid him as he overcomes living with over 35 years of M.E. and 25 years of agoraphobia. In this time he has had little control over his health. Instead he tries to control his art. To make it perfect.

He started with geometric abstract work, hiding personal thoughts within systems paintings, using words to dictate the position of subjective colours on a related 3D grid, with each colour representing a different letter, a process he calls ‘predetermined randomness’.

As he has slowly overcome the agoraphobia he has been able to travel further afield, opening up new possibilities, including working with natural materials.

In 2014 Mundy started his Arts Council England supported Grow An Exhibition project, growing plants and using the processed fibres to turn into paper. These works were exhibited at Tuppenny Barn and Aspex Gallery under the title 'Natural Imperfections'.

His latest project, Little Forest Land Art, co-founded with ceramicist Jan Griffiths, is transforming Jan's 3 acre meadow and surrounding woodland path into a more interesting, environmentally friendly and inspirational place. Despite working with natural materials Mundy still tries to perfect nature, making geometric shapes and straight lines.

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