Ally Ashworth

My creative process I view as a means of investigating the world and engaging with others in the consideration and wonder of it. I intend to communicate the value and uniqueness of the individual and stimulate consideration of the particular, precious contribution we make to our world. I aim to present evocative, personal creations that produce opportunities for reflection and refreshment.

My most recent pieces have been text based works that consider how our culture views and cares for its elderly and aging population. These works have been 2D paper pieces and I intend to continue exploring these techniques and themes.

I love working with installation, enjoy creative collaborations and have often worked with Sculptor / Performance Artist, Heather Gani. The materials I use in installation are often selected due to their symbolic nature and inherent textural composition. Frequently the materials are collected from particular people and the forging of new friendships in this process is often an important aspect the work. The creative process develops as new appreciations of the original concept emerge, married with discoveries in the potential of the chosen materials.

I intend to establish new collaborative possibilities with artists of various disciplines.

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