Cat .A

Cat. A is an interdisciplinary artist from Portsmouth. Her work is predominantly text based and humorous in the form of social commentary. She has used painting, embroidery, found objects and posters to create work that criticises systems such as social hierarchy. Other topics have included capitalism, the beauty industry and personal relationships. Her work is direct, satirical and light-hearted at its core.

My practice is multi-disciplinary with a current focus on text-based work. The writing in my work, although sometimes funny, makes my work very direct, satirical and not always family-friendly. I take inspiration from protest signs, graffiti, product design, signs and things written in the dirt on white vans. I am further influenced by short statements I overhear from the general public, friends and colleagues. I write what I hear down quickly in notes on my phone, and this will be edited and re-edited until it sounds perfect.
I have worked with collage, paint, embroidery and using found objects. I have made banners, t shirts, artist's books and written spoken word. The subject matter is focussed on what is affecting me at the time, what I'm thinking about or feeling annoyed about resulting in a personal social commentary. Subjects have been my dating history, 9-5 culture, the beauty industry, feminist concepts and critique of public figures.
Some key artists influential to my practice are Sarah Lucas, Sarah Maple, Morag Myerscough and Rottingdean Bazaar. Long term influences on my work have been artists I studied during my Fine Art & Art History degree, such as Lavinia Fontana and Hannah Höch.

2014 – 2017 BA Fine Art and Art History, Plymouth University
2014 – 2015 Art and Design Foundation Diploma, Havant College

2023  Stroppy Objects | Winchester School of Art Library | Sept 1–Oct 5
2022  Halloween 1913 – 2022 | Kings Theatre | October 1-31
2021  The Dazzled Beauty Booth | BT Phone Kiosk, Bournemouth | July 23-30

2024  Transformation | University of Southampton Library | June 30 - September 30
2023  Autumn Open Call | Imagination Refinery | October 28–November 28
Punchcard | The Auxiliary | August 1–31
2022  Draw me a Tree | Coastguard Studios | July 22-28
Flower Power | Yellow Edge Gallery | April 6-30
Inspirational Women Artists | A Space Arts | Feb 25-Mar 6
2021  VOGUE III | Boomer Gallery | October 8-14
Aura | The Holy Art | October 1-8
2018  Postcards From My Neighbourhood | Aspex Gallery | February 10-28
2017  Hot 17 Degree Show | Plymouth University | June 10-16

2023 Look Up Portsmouth | Street Art Festival | Sept 2-3
2020 Design Havens for Heroes | Supplier
2019 You Keep It Zine | Contributor

2022 British Pop Art: Who Was Pauline Boty? | The Collector

2017 Highly Commended Award | Plymouth University
2016 Dean's List | Plymouth University



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