Cherie Lubbock

Cherie Lubbock works intuitively, responding to found objects, assembling and combining these with things she has created. She works quite quickly and tries to reflect the energy and joy in all her pieces. She often assembles and exploits happy accidents in her sculpture.

Lubbock finds it exciting to use a wide variety of mediums and loves to explore and allow each medium to feed into the next, creating installations and bodies of work. Embracing the history within found materials, she combines constructed elements to create sculptures that are delicately balanced and are deliberately fragile, referencing the tightrope we walk between sense and nonsense, desire and fear.

While figuration is hinted at, Lubbock is more concerned with articulating aspects of the human spirit which exist independent of the body. Ritual, rites and magic are alluded to, leaving space for interpretation and reflection.

When painting, she works intuitively, responding to each mark and area of colour as she paints. After evaluating her initial mark making, she adds or subtracts, making further marks using oil paint, crayons, pens and collage, until each piece has its own voice.

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