Colin Merrin

Originally from East London, Colin has lived and worked on and near the south coast since 2007. He studied at Maidstone College of Art, Kingston Polytechnic and the Institute of Education, University of London. An award winning watercolour painter, Colin was elected to the Royal Watercolour Society in 2009. He has exhibited in numerous galleries throughout the UK as well as internationally and has work in many collections including the royal collection and the British Museum.

' My working process is consistently experimental involving layering and excavation as water and oil based paint along with other materials, are applied, added to, scraped back, re-worked and etched into. Although the paintings follow a basic theme centering largely on the human head and figure within the (mainly) urban landscape, images emerge over time, as a result of subjective and intuitive mark making. There may be a rough idea of composition, but I tend not to have a specific plan. Newspaper cuttings, photographs and texts are added, often buried and half buried in the paint. These provide a sense of time, context, fragmentation and commentary, but at some point, an image is revealed  and the work starts to build. 

Meaning is changeable, elusive and never completely fixed. The work is ambiguous and sometimes absurd, yet the paintings each reveal a narrative; a story, that usually becomes apparent towards the end of the painting process. I’m interested in the notion that a piece of work is an active participant in what Philip Guston described as a ‘trialogue’, where the work contributes to the discussion independent of the artist. Personal reflections within the various narratives lie at the heart of each painting and connections, disconnections, as well as social and political commentary are also clearly evident.'

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