Gillian Hawkins

Gillian Hawkins works primarily in painting but also in printmaking and photography
Her work themes the structures of the domestic world, including relationships. She questions the mythology of happiness and the power battles within any close and structured setting.

Her paintings contrast the immediate even the transitory with more solid structure using architectural space against the immediacy of the drawn the line in visceral, emotional colour. She uses oilbars to draw on the canvas allowing an immediacy of line and emotion. Her paintings are oil on canvas, traditionally prepared; She prefers oil because of its colour and paint qualities, especially the time which oil allows for contemplation and a dialogue with the work to take place.

Her prints draw the viewer into the intimacy of the moment. Etchings are hand coloured and each an individual exploration of the theme within the print. The subjects of her etchings echo her painting concerns. As well as being a member of Art Space she is also a member of Omega Printmakers

In pursuing the theme of the domestic, she is also interested in the social history of domestic china, and has continuing research in photographing the sites of the former Stoke on-Trent Potteries and their products. Her interest is in the day-to-day items, now relegated to charity shops and similar, discarded in favour of the more modern but which was probably (as so much has survived) saved for “best” and witnessed the highlights and tragedies of their original owners’ lives.

She is influenced in her work by the political and popular references and comments of Kitaj and Caulfield.

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