Harry Payne

I am a multidisciplinary contextual artist whose works explore the realms of history, society, and culture. With a fascination for the past and weaving together narratives, objects and imagery from different historical periods. Drawing inspiration from the tapestry of human history, I employ a diverse range of mediums and techniques to explore the complex interplay between time, experience, and society. My artistic practice integrates elements of sculpture, installation, and textiles, resulting in a interdisciplinary approach that rejects and enhances tradition. Through a meticulous research process, I delve into forgotten narratives and hidden stories, unearthing overlooked perspectives. My works serve as a bridge between the past and the present, inviting viewers to critically engage with history by questioning their own relationship with the past. By combining historical references with contemporary aesthetics, I challenge conventional notions of time and encourage viewers to reevaluate their place within the grand narrative of humanity. Through the careful selection of materials, colours, and textures, my works evoke the essence of specific periods while retaining a modern sensibility. By exploring the complexities of history and its relevance to the present, I aim to foster a deeper understanding of our shared humanity and provoke meaningful conversations about the world we inhabit.

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