Huw Heywood

I have been painting full time since the summer of 2015 and my work as a painter is concerned with the natural world. I begin by working with photography and watercolour, setting out throughout the seasons and at all times of day to establish the varying, essential elements which contribute to the genius loci, the spirit of a place. My paintings work with the observed colours, structures and compositions to capture the emotional and poetic nature of locations and to express the natural forces which have shaped them; rocky mountainside, rarely-trodden path, disused quarry, silent forest, stream, river and estuary. While the subjects are place specific the message about the natural world is universal and I hope the paintings can be interpreted at many scales and through the lens of any viewer's individual landscape memory. Most are specifically chosen fragments of the landscape, each telling a much bigger tale; “To see a world in a grain of sand....” as William Blake put it. The works are painted mainly in acrylic on paper and canvas.

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