Isis Selmikaitis

As an artist I like to diversify my practice using various media. Normally, my way of communicating is through two-dimensional images, in which I use painting, collage and digital illustration. Sometimes, depending on my subject, I feel the need to occupy the space in other ways, and in this case I prefer to work with soft sculptures or instalations. Regardless of the media I use, an element present in all of my artistic work is the use of chromatic relationships to express myself.

As a woman artist, I have been focussing a lot on feminist issues within society, raising questions about the female universe that has often been neglected and sharing the experiences of growing up in a country that discriminates against women. I want to scream through images and reach through the object in space. I want to give my voice to the unspeakable. I want to be able to touch other women's hearts and minds.

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