Jacky Dillon

"To be placeless in one's remembering is not only to be disoriented; it is to be decidedly disadvantaged with regard to what a more complete mnemonic experience might deliver.  Places serve to situate one's memorial life."
The Philosopher: E. Casey

The collection Landscapes of Longing reflects the tranquility of a popular local beauty spot. Nature has reclaimed her territory enveloping our man-made interventions and making them her own.  Exhibited as part of 'Back & Fill: An Exhibition' Round Tower, Portsmouth, arranged by the Hotwalls Studios in collaboration with Marine Studios in Margate, celebrating the creativity and resilience of coastal artists, uniting coastal communities across the UK.

The artists book England Remembered presents the 'thoughts of home' of the soldier poets fighting on the Western Front.  “The soldiers who sought to share the emotional turmoil of the Great War through their poetry and writings have here inspired a group of modern-day writers”.  View archive photographs uncovered in the research for this book on Instagram @englandremembered.  Read the extended biographies of the soldier poets in the englandremember.blog.  A dedicated England Remembered website with further details of this charity book is planned for 2023.  (Photographs published with kind permission of the National Trust and West Dean Gardens.  Supported by the University of Portsmouth).

A reconstruction of a time of innocence and the reclamation of a family archive.  The book 'Looking Glass' addresses the dislocation experienced on revisiting my hometown and the submersion of fragmented childhood memories. A potent mixture of facts, feelings and half-forgotten photographs blend with images of treasured artefacts.

"Is it possible to preserve a memory or are they like history an inevitable series of adaptations re-told in numerous different versions as we progress through our lives. Sometimes it is a sudden recollection that sparks a journey back in time triggered by sight, sound or smell that is purer before we have the chance to analyse our feelings or responses..."
Jacky Dillon MA


Jacky Dillon graduated from the University of Portsmouth with a BA (Hons) in Photography (2002) and has completed an MA in Art, Design & Media (2008).

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