Jon Adams

Jon Adams: Artist with Dyslexia and Aspergers

Jon is a freelance artist, associate artist at The New Theatre Royal, NAS Cultural Ambassador and Polymath artist. He works across platform using sound, drawing, written word, photographic manipulation, installation and through 'art in public'. His work references his Asperger's and dyslexia weaving in fragments of autobiography, science and hidden metaphor. The result is a unique visual perspective of recording and systemizing history, time and place. After leaving University, having studied Geology, he started working as a book Illustrator. His attention to detail and skill as a draftsman found him building a solid reputation for quality work.

In 2007 Jon won an ArtPlus public art award resulting in digital maps of train conversations. While shown these at Pallant House Gallery he was commissioned to map the Cultural Olympiad in the South-East as a 'geological map' with Accentuate and the British Geological Survey. He received two Inspire Marks from London 2012 for a national arts engagement project enabling 'anyone' everywhere in the UK to 'Join in and be the artist for the day'. This project, 'Dysarticulate' resulted in thousands of paper flags planted for Open Weekends and Torch Relay.

Art and Science as a subject has seen work created with Cosmology & Gravitation funded by Leverhulme Award and a Wellcome trust award in 2012 has seen him working at the University of Cambridge with Prof Simon Baron Cohen on both Aspergers research and artwork resulting in film with musical works from fMRI machine noise. He was also sought to actively support International director Peter Brook with autobiographical research for his new play 'The Valley of Astonishment' which premiered in Paris and London Summer 2014. In 2012 Jon was awarded a Fellowship to the Royal Society for the Arts for the quality of his public engagement and positive disability projects. He is currently working on performance based artwork.

Jon has just been commissioned by Parliament to lead on a national arts project as part of 'Parliament in the making 2015' - Democracy Street will run between March - December 2015

Jon is an Area Council Member for Arts Council England Southwest actively feeding into Arts policy and debate around the abilities of artists, diversity and digital inclusivity.

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