Mike Blackman

Blackman's work is concerned with the influence and perception of technology and its processes. The ever-growing sophistication of how technological processes are applied to our world raises a number of issues in the domain of cultural production. Boundaries between tool, media and artefact become less clear and the viewer is often allowed greater control of their own experience, seemingly shifting self-expression away from the artist toward the spectator.

Mike Blackman, an Arts Council England and Braziers International Artists Workshop Fellow, has exhibited in the UK, Latvia and Sweden, created new media public commissions and collaborated on a number community-based new media art projects. Blackman received his BFA in design and media, University of Portsmouth 1996 and an MSc in software engineering in 2007. Blackman is a long term member of Art Space Portsmouth and on the committee of its gallery. He works as a commercial web/new media developer alongside his artistic practice.

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