Mina Amani

I am Mina Amani, a Kurdish-Iranian artist specializing in Kereshmeh Calligraphy for the past 9 years. The name "Kereshmeh," when translated into English, embodies the concept of "Cuteness and adoration of the lover."

The letters of this calligraphy has driven from Persian alphabet which changed in form and posture about 30 years ago by one Iranian artist and calligrapher Mr. Ahamd Ariamanesh. Kereshmeh itself is a script that echoes the Cuneiform of ancient inscriptions dating back 500 years before Christ. It has evolved through influences from nature, including wave movements, meadow dances, and the Sama dance associated with Sufi ceremonies.

Characterized by its extraordinary torsion and flexibility, Kereshmeh breaks away from the traditional calligraphic structure. The elongation and curvature of its letters, combined with a touch of coquetry in their shapes, result in a dynamic and dancing composition, earning it the fitting name "Kereshmeh." Beyond its visual appeal, Kereshmeh's essence lies in its artistic aesthetic, showcasing the artist's innovative prowess, particularly in graphic design and logos.

Over the past 9 years, I have honed my skills, holding Solo and Group exhibitions in my hometown, Iran. Additionally, during my one year and nine months in this new environment, I've continued to explore and express the beauty of Kereshmeh to art lover people of here.

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