Naty Lopez-Holguin

(Born in the Basque Country. Lives and works in Portsmouth, UK)

My work emanates from an interest in the notion of ‘belonging’ – the differences and similarities which contribute to our sense of social place.

I use a wide range of media, where materials are carefully selected for their physical properties and inherent attributes. By identifying unexpected connections, the works reflect on the complex relationships between social, symbolic and material …

The use of labour-intensive processes and juxtaposition of materials create sculpture as both singular objects, and as multiple elements in installations.

Currently working with tumble-dryer fluff – a commonly discarded material full of associations. On the one hand, it did once belong to a garment which clothed us, gave us warmth and protection from exposure. On the other hand, it is now no more than a nuisance blocking the filter …

Through material transformation, the soft fluff becomes solid; layers upon layers of tumble-dryer fluff, where the short fibres interlink, pulling as they dry, forming an always changing outcome.

Using materials to convey points of human experience interests me; presenting the low value, everyday in a transformed state, to simultaneously instigate associations and interpretations.

** Currently, one of my sculptural works can be seen in large print, here in Southsea, as part of the Select Dream exhibition.

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