Philip Sanderson

A Million Billion aims to explore the effects of scale within the woven surface. The construction of the work follows the same principle as that of a finer woven tapestry, but the outcome is dictated by the specific qualities and weight of the materials used.  Combining many different textures and colours within the weft allows for continued experimentation and spontaneity to occur within the weaving.

The woven marks become expressions of the act of weaving, the viewer is required to step back from the work to see the whole piece but is equally invited to observe the fine detail through the combination of threads and fabrics in the weft. The challenge for the weaver is in controlling how these materials are transformed during the weaving process and retaining a sense of the traditional method of production.


A Million Billion

Woven Tapestry, 130cm x 130cms, wool and cotton 2019

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