Ruth Collins

As an artist I try to capture the impact of our lives in the world around us. Like benign ghosts or indistinct shadows that our souls leave in this world. A definite presence but indistinct and ethereal. An echo of our existence. My preferred medium is the pinhole camera, I find it a gentle and organic way of imprinting an image, allowing a scene to unfold slowly. Unlike the lens based cameras which are obvious and often invasive, by using the pinhole, I do not become as Susan Sontag once said 'a hunter with a camera'. Instead my subjects remain unviolated, sacred, protected. The resulting images are timeless, carrying a sense of someone no longer there. With black and white film there is a piercing pathos, a stab of longing and nostalgia. Using colour film polarises this into a celebration of light, colour and movement. Yin and yang of storytelling, a different way of looking.

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