Sabatin Bascoban

Sabatin concluded his Fine Art studies in Hannover, Germany, as a Meistersch├╝ler of the sound artist Ulrich Eller. Based in the South of England since 2007, he works primarily as a sculptor. He has a studio with Art Space Portsmouth and exhibits his work in the UK and abroad.

When making sculptures, Sabatin combines traditional art materials such as wood, paper and clay with discarded resources such as polystyrene/plastics and other composite materials. He usually finds these items in his local environment. The materiality of these items often determines if they are being used in a sculpture or not. Sometimes the materials themselves can spark ideas for new work.

Frequently objects in pairs of two are made. This arrangement, Sabatin finds, opens up possibilities of dialogue between the textures, colours and shapes of the media involved. In this way he is able to suggest narratives and undertake investigations into material and spatial phenomena.

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