Sabatin Bascoban

Sabatin Bascoban lives and works in Southsea, Hampshire. He studied Fine Art in Hannover, Germany, and Valencia, Spain. For his postgraduate studies, he received the ‘Meisterschüler’ title for work, mentored by the sound artist Professor Ulrich Eller. Sabatin’s artistic activities include sculpture, installation, painting as well as printmaking and they draw on conceptual ideas, current events and personal experience. He regularly exhibits his work in the UK and abroad. Sabatin is member and studio holder at Art Space, Portsmouth, and recently joined the artist network ArtCan.

When making sculptures, Sabatin combines traditional art materials such as wood, paper and clay with discarded resources such as polystyrene/plastics and other composite materials. He finds these items in his local environment. The particular qualities of each material play a major role in the development of the work and its final manifestation.

Sabatin’s composite sculptures have an abstract quality, expressing both uncertainty and openness, calling the viewer to keep exploring instead of coming to a foregone conclusion.


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