Sarah anne Patel- Wallis

               Out of chaos 

“Haunting, evocative,vulnerably human.
Inside the studio: canvases nestle, in whispered conversations and guttural screams. Artist, oil paint, ink, clay, lens; seem to wrestle, entwine into emerging forms; of wings, roots and human presence.”
Sarah’s works are of instinct, emotion, a raw sensuality; burrowing into the human psyche. They seem to live on the edge, between safety and flight; unsettling and powerfully sensed. Each work becomes a labour of love, taking on a life of its own; their energies continuing, onto the paint splattered walls, floor, artists boots and flesh.
The expression, feeling of the human condition, alongside a discipline of hard work and authenticity; is at the core of her creativity. A passion for oil paint & chosen mediums; for the natural world, particularly forests; and language of dance; breathe their presence within all of her works.

Postgraduate: Royal Academy Schools
Private collections held in: Japan/ Israel/ USA/Italy/France .

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