Sue Eves

Fleeting moments...I endeavour to capture fleeting moments we are vaguely aware of. Process is important to me. I work systematically, pushing forward from something I know to test how marks can suggest something strange yet familiar. Like Auerbach, ‘I'm hoping to make a new thing'...‘that remains in the mind'. [Hughes.1990]. The audience is required to interact with the pieces to find something that resonates.
Collages have been photographed, this process modifies the image. The sections from which the images are composed remain partially visible so that, when viewed close up, one is aware of the transient nature of what we observe. As Giacometti says ‘we cannot think about our present thought, it slips away as we try to grasp it'. [Sylvester 1965].
Some images are bright against a dark ground, suggesting those ‘illuminations, matches struck unexpectedly in the dark' [Woolf, 1927]. Each represent a brief moment in time and a visual realisation of a point in my artistic development.
My  work also explores the fragility of shadowy, precarious, hidden places......The change occurs in a quiet space. Undetected. Light shifts and the moment is gone. The shadow of the instance hangs, all too briefly, in the half light.
During my time as Artist in Residence at Portsmouth Cathedral I explored my relationship with this special place.
I have recently begun to explore the use of the pinhole camera.

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