Jon Adams – Opening the Aviary

Jon Adams – Kate MccGwire – Prudence Maltby – Rosa Beiroa

Chapel Arts Studios, Andover
20th October – 27th November 2021
Wednesday – Saturday 11am- 4pm

Opening the Aviary is a multimedia exhibition inspired by a set of drawings created by Jon Adams over the covid lockdown. As an artist who champions the flourishing of neuro divergent practitioners through his organisation, Flow Observatorium, Adams’ own work as a neurodivergent artist, draws on an internal dialogue which finds sharp expression on the page. Into this conversation come three other artists to engage in thoughtful conversation with Adam’s work. Prudence Maltby, also drawing from an internal space of memory and trauma, converging around shared experience, ‘I have flocks of birds in my head’ her work diverging again to express its own personal narrative, and Kate MccGwire whose sculptural contribution powerfully makes present this dialogue, manifesting that internal tension in work simultaneously seductive and repulsive, fluid yet static, dangerous yet safely encased.
A short animation by Rosa Beiroa introduces us to all of the works on show, articulating the words of William Kentridge which make tangible the creative process for all.
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Neurodivergence in Art – A Talk by Jon Adams

Tuesday 2nd November, 5.30-7pm
Chapel Arts Studios, Andover
In person and online

Jon Adams, artist and neurodivergent activist, talks about his experience and how we can make art more accessible to neurodivergent people.

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